Sometimes believing in one’s self takes practice. It calls for knowing who you truly are and what goods you have to offer. Some of those goods are innate and others are skills you may have acquired along the way, in either case they belong to you. Those gifts which you have the ability to give are reason alone to believe in yourself.

What you have to offer is valuable and only when you realize that can other people appreciate the value of your gifts. Not believing in yourself, to a large degree is focusing on the challenges that you’ve faced rather than your strengths and successes. They’re sometimes the result of having failed at a task, someone undermining you by pointing out what you can’t do or fear of success. Let’s not allow the things of the past to cloud our future.

I remember a few years ago while visiting the Bahamas for the Michael Jordan Invitational Golf Tournament I was asked by several natives when my next project was set to release. Many other times when posed with that same question I felt the need to share timelines and song titles but this time was extremely different. When asked when my next cd would be released I simply said, “I don’t have plans of releasing a record, but you can hear music on my website.” It was just as easy as that. I had discovered my self worth in just being. I unraveled myself from the belief that my value was attached to any record, project or accolades.

You and I are worth more than any words that can possibly be used to define our value. Believe in YOU because YOU can make a difference in someone else’s life when you put the effort in.

– Lyte