I must admit for most of life I lived moment to moment. I felt to not have a plan was a choice and I exercised it. I did whatever felt right at the time yet still able to keep my ethics in check. I wonder how different would my life be now had I had a PLAN.

Now it’s a different day and I do have a plan. A plan to build an enterprise and leave a legacy as part of history. Although I rest in things move at God’s speed, I’m a firm believer that we can sometimes get in the way of our own blessings. I’m completely out of the way yet on my way and thought if I had the ear of a strong, solid young man or girl who was open to hear advice what would I say? Maybe this:

Make your choices deliberate or else you’ll become a part of someone else’s plan. Someone who may or may not have regard for you as a spiritual being.

Build character, your character.  Become the person you trust. Speak the words you love to hear. Embody and promote the positivity that can change your surroundings.

Love yourself which entails much more than just saying it. Love for one’s self means taking care of YOU emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. It means not allowing anyone to mistreat you or belittle your work, looks or character. It means speaking up for what you vehemently believe and never backing down under unwarranted pressures. Loving yourself means making a plan and sticking to it regardless of the naysayers and seemingly endless distractions. Not even your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife should look to take you off of your game plan. Having love for self means finding and spending time with those who share the same love and care for you that you do. They should have equal love for your time and your dreams.

I’d say dream the biggest dream, make a PLAN and then focus until you reach your goals. While you’re at it become UNSTOPPABLE!!